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July 4 Fruit Platter

Patriotic Fruit Platter Ideas for kids – Happy July 4th !

Here are some simple fruit platter ideas for your July 4th party with just two fruits : Strawberries and Blueberries. The ideas are super simple so you could have your kid do this for you.    Simple enough, Cut the strawberries in to thin circles. Arrange them on a tray and top each with one blue berry !    Arrange the strawberries to form a circle, and place the blue berries in the center. Serve this on a white tray.   Arrange the strawberries and blue…

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Patriotic No Bake No cook easy cheese cake

Patriotic, No Bake, No Cook Super Easy Cheese Cake

Here is an easy recipe for a no bake, no cook cheese cake. I added a patriotic touch to this cake as its almost July 4th now. This would make an easy recipe to add to your patriotic celebration !   On the cheese cake, I used a toothpick and a wooden skewer to draw the lines for the flag. Decorated the lines using strawberry and used blueberry for the blue part. Smash the strawberries using a fork and add a little honey to it ,…

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Wheat Dosa with Vegetable filling

If you are a busy person looking for quick and easy way to pack lunch for kids or looking for a to go meal this is just for you. Wheat Dosa has only one ingredient – Wheat flour !! And will be ready in five minutes. You can prepare filling ahead of time and keep it refrigerated. Just make the dosa and stuff the filling and you are ready to go .. For Dosa:- Ingredients:- ¬†Wheat flour -1 cup Water – 2 cups pinch of…

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